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About Me

CanFit Pro CPT,  

PN Lv 1, ISSA Sports Nutritionist

Integrative Wellness Life Coach, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Coach, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, TFT (Thought Field Therapy) Practitioner.

I want to share with you the story of what happened to me, so you can understand where my passion for not only fitness, but more importantly nutrition & mental health stems from...

Let's take a trip back in time to June 2013 after my very first bodybuilding show:

After a show it's common for competitors to give in to cravings & not follow their post show reverse diet, & subsequently put on gobs of fat in a few short weeks... Not me.

After placing 6th & missing top 5 to qualify for provincials by 2 points, the athlete in me was hungrier than ever to snag a provincial qualification. I immediately made the decision to hop right back into another 15 weeks of hard training & dieting to compete in the fall. I followed my program to a T, stayed on miserably low calories, still did hours of cardio a week, with hour + long lifting sessions daily.

Then, 6 weeks later, I herniated 2 discs in my lower back, halting all training,,.

Still, did I binge? HELL NO! In fact, my coach dropped my calories lower to make up for the lack of training I'd be doing in the future weeks thanks to my injury. But then, my weight started creeping up... so naturally we dropped my calories EVEN LOWER (around approx 700 calories a day)... but the weight started going up more & more each week uncontrollably.

I was devastated; I had done everything right! What the fu*k was happening to my body!?

See, back then baby trainer Steph didn't know anything about nutrition, hormones, hormone imbalances, & the effects that running my body into the  ground for months on end, literally starving myself, could have. Had I known then what I know now, then I would've been able to notice the signs & symptoms that something was going horribly wrong inside my body, & it was about to crash. I didn't know that my symptoms like:

-anxiety/ depression


-mood swings & bawling at the drop of a hat

-fat gain

-water retention

-bloating/ indigestion


-lack of focus

-zero sex drive

Was all related to the health of my hormones!

In total i put on almost 40lbs in 2 months- despite my dieting efforts😔... I was devastated, especially since I think a trainer should always have an example body for her clients. I felt like I was in quicksand, the harder I tried to lose the weight, the worst it got... I thought I was in a nightmare little did I know this was actually the best things that could have happened to me:

Desperate to find answers when my family doctor had none, I spent the next 6 months learning all about hormones from Endocrinologists & Naturopaths, & spent hundreds of hours researching article after article. I learned all about hormones, adrenals, & the thyroid, about their individual roles in the body, how they're influenced by our nutrition, training & lifestyle... Most importantly I learned how to manipulate diet & training to help fix them when sh!t hits the fan!

(*Just to clarify I am NOT a doctor, & I stay within my scope of practice. If a clients needs fall outside of that scope, I happily refer them out to the medical professional that can help them).

Without this experience I wouldn't be the trainer, & now certified Sports Nutritionist & Integrative Wellness Life Coach I am today. I also wouldn't have  been able to help the hundreds of men & women that have been my clients over the past 7 years get their lives back, & see the results they've been unable to see by simply "eating better" & "exercising". I truly feel training, nutrition, & life coaching is "preventative health care". After training 15,000+ session, I want to share my knowledge with you. This is my passion!

After leaving the corporate gym world in 2017, I started All Angles Training Co, naming it this because I believe in order to be successful long term, we have to take a holistic approach & focus on all angles of health: a foundation built on proper nutrition for internal health, life coaching to heal past wounds & decrease triggers to build better habits & mental health, all while focusing on both form & technique inside the gym.

I pride myself in working with my clients of all ages & experience levels to find an achievable balance between fitness & their current lifestyle. By finding a realistic approach, they achieve success & reach their goals as fast as possible, all while becoming educated through the process to ensure continued success even after we're done our time together.

Welcome, & thank you for being here!


What I Do

Heavy Weights

Personalized Training Plans

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Holistic Nutrition Coaching

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Life Coaching

Customized Programs Made For Your Specific Body Type, & Experience Level, To Build Muscle, Lose Fat, Improve Injuries, Fix Imbalances, And Reduce Pain.

Customized Nutrition Plans That Focus On Reducing Inflammation & Pain, Improving Health & Hormones To Get Your Body Working For You Instead Of Against You... While Teaching How To Work In The Foods You Enjoy!

Discover What's Been Holding You Back So You Can Heal Past Wounds, Uncover Your Triggers, & Take Control, To Finally Get The Body You've Always Wanted, Raise You Know You Deserve At Work, Or Find Your Forever Person


Online Training & Nutrition Coaching

With My Online Coaching Program You Will Receive:

-A fully customized workout plan you can do at home or in the gym depending on preference.

-A fully customized nutrition plan including both flexible dieting & meal plan options.

-Specific supplement & vitamin suggestions to improve gut health, hormone & thyroid function, & overall wellness.

-Weekly check ins for accountability & progress tracking.

-Weekly life coaching calls for added accountability & support, heal past triggers, & finally unlock your full potential.

-Adjustments to diet & training plan as necessary so your are CONSTANTLY seeing results!

Y'all getting in shape is not meant to be a torturous endeavour! There may be a sore muscle or two along the way, or learning different choices to be made with nutrition, but I believe getting fit should be enjoyed, not dreaded, as that's the only way to ensure sustainability long term!


Client Testimonials

I came to a point where I realized I could only take myself so far with my nutrition/fitness goals. Steph really took the time to understand me, what I was looking for, my body, and how it reacts to certain foods/ workouts. She is a wealth of knowledge and has her methods/plan to get me where I want to be,  while also incorporating my crazy life and allowing me to enjoy the social things (which I love/need).


This lady.....where do I even begin!? Well, one thing’s for sure, she pretty much changed my life! I used to be afraid of food. I was deep into my version of “clean eating” (no complex carbs, sugar, that sort of thing) and attempting to lift weights AND do cardio 5-6x a week 😓 Ultimately this only made me miserable, starved 24/7 and having ZERO sex drive. Starting training with Stephanie was a life saver! Like actually. She taught me how, when and what to eat to fuel my intense workouts with her. She put me on the right path to a healthy lifestyle, I will be forever thankful to this woman. To anyone who is considering training with this lady, DO IT NOW!


Steph is an amazing trainer!! She keeps you accountable for your workouts. She is very motivational and inspires me to work harder every day!! She makes sessions fun and I always look forward them especially the social aspect !! With nutrition and training she knows what's up unlike some other trainers. Training with Steph has got me to by the body shape and size that I love and I love my body!! She gave me the tools that I need to go to thy gym by myself. She is an amazing trainer, life coach, nutritional coach and she is just the best!!



60 Day Challenge: Client Stories


Desiree E

Coming to train with Steph was the easiest and hardest decision of my life. Easiest, as I have always struggled staying consistent to a workout routine, and I knew if it was something I wanted I would need a professional to keep me accountable. On the other hand, it was the hardest because I grew up with unbelievable insecurities regarding my body image.

My entire life I compared myself to my mom because she was an athlete at my age, and also my same-age, athletic step-sister because she was a regular reminder of everything I could never be. I put myself through eating disorders and self-image issues that ultimately led to not only having no confidence but truly having no respect for myself, to the point of being hospitalized. It was difficult to justify working out and improving my health when I had no value in my life in the first place.

Going through this 60 day challenge has undoubtedly changed my life. Looking back at where I started, Steph had her work cut out for her in obviously my physical state, but mentally I was no where near prepared for what was to come. We had essentially just started training together but something about her felt trustworthy and I knew that if anyone could get me through the next 8 weeks, it would be her.

The battles I fought within myself during the last two months are tremendous. Not only did I train my body, but my sessions with Steph also became therapy for my soul. I feel new meaning in my life and I actually find myself striving for further goals now that it is finished, which I never would have initially expected.

Every person in my life has been shocked by what I was able to accomplish in such a short time, and those very close to me have expressed how grateful they are that I have 180'd my life.

Looking at my before-and-after pictures makes me cry, but mostly because I see what I was and I remember my thought process and mental state then. I know that girl had given up on herself and investing into a fitness professional was my last shot. I am so thankful to be matched with Steph, because I can't imagine training with anyone else now, after everything we've gone through in so little time. I am forever grateful to Steph because what she has provided me from this whole journey is priceless.



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