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Everyone has different nutritional needs as they go through different stages of their life.

There is no one perfect diet that is right for every single person. Depending on what stage of their health journey they may be in, an individuals nutritional needs will change. Even a healthy food like Avocados, for example, could be great for one person, but not so great for the next.

The one-size-fits-all approach simply cannot work... we are all unique individuals with different needs. We also have varying vitamin/mineral deficiencies that can develop over time depending on our lifestyle, body type, toxin exposure, exercise routine, current health conditions & genetics.

Also, many people are using nutritional supplements because they've heard of the benefits, but they don't know which brands they can trust, what the proper dosages are for them, or if they even truly NEED that supplement at all. So many people waste money unnecessarily on products that could potentially cause more harm than good because they haven't had the proper training to know which form is right for them or because they've never worked with a professional that can design a bio-individualized protocol specific to their body.

Using an integrative approach, & advanced Functional Medicine Lab testing, I design a bio-individualized nutrition plan for each unique person based on their health goals. I help my clients stop the guessing game & figure out what's best specifically for THEM, based on body type, nutritional deficiencies, gene expression, food sensitivities, activity level & lifestyle.